As of August 31, 2022

Click the Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 9.05.31 AM icon for the full map legend. Click any icon or shaded area for more information.

Quick Reference

Mandatory Evacuation Area Icon Mandatory Evacuation Area – Evacuate immediately.

Voluntary Evacuation Area Icon Voluntary Evacuation Area – Suggested evacuation area. Be prepared to evacuate.

safe-evac Previous Evacuation Area – Evacuation lifted. Safe to return.

road-closed Hard Road Closure – Road closed to all traffic.

road-residents Soft Road Closure – Road open for residents with valid ID only.

road-open Road Open – Previous road closure that is now open.

evac-center Evacuation Center.

sma-animals Small Animal Evacuation Center.

Large-Animals Large Animal Evacuation Center.